Movie experience with Sony

2 months ago I bought a Sony TV for the first time. I never had a Sony TV before. And I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised about the quality of the image. For the perfect cinematic experience something was missing. A sound bar and a player that can play 4K videos. Fortunately, Sony also offers these products. I got the HT-S350 and HT-SD35 soundbar and the UBP-X800M2 4K Blu-ray Player.

The installation was super easy. Just plug it in and connect it to your TV using an HDMI cable. The rest is done by the TV itself. Since I own the sound bar, I only watch TV with it. When I now listen to the difference to the TV sound, I am always shocked with what kind of sound I watched TV and movies before. The sound bar has an additional subwoofer for even better sound and deeper bass. Using the remote control, you can choose for example between different modes to highlight the voices or get deeper bass, depending on your preference.

For the first test of the Blu-ray player I chose the movie Spiderman. The Blu-ray player can play 4K Ultra HD videos. But that's not the only thing. The player is W-Lan capable and can also be connected to all streaming services like Netflix.

For me the sound bar and the Blu-ray player is the best purchase I have made in a long time and I can't watch TV without it anymore. I can only recommend everyone to sit in front of a TV and listen to the TV sound and then listen to the sound with a sound bar. I'm sure that everyone will be really excited about the difference and everyone who watches a lot of TV, Netflix, DVDs will consider whether they want to have such a sound bar with much better sound for a good price.

Staying in Park Hyatt Hamburg

Last weekend, me and Alex went to Hamburg to shoot some collaborations for me and some models for him. We’ve been in the lucky position to stay in the Park Hyatt Hamburg. A real high class 5 star luxury hotel, which is located near the central station and in between the shopping area. The hotel is the perfect starting point for all activities you’ve planned in Hamburg.

When you’re entering the hotel you will be welcomed of all the staff of the hotel so friendly and courteous that you already feel overwhelmed before you’ve even seen your room. I was impressed by the look of the lobby which is equipped with a dark wooden floor like you know it of old villas.

After checking-in we went to our room, which was fantastic. We stayed in a Junior Suite with an entrance area, balcony, two Queen Size beds and a perfect bathroom with a shower and a bathtub. We were welcomed with smooth music which was played in the suite.
But I think you can write everything about a hotel room but nothing gives you a better impression than some pictures.

Unfortunately we haven’t been lucky with the weather. It was stormy, cold and rainy. So after a long day outside taking pictures we were so happy to have the possibility to go to the spa area of The Park Hyatt Hamburg. First I tried out the gym which is better equipped than any other hotel gym I’ve ever been to.
After sweating in the gym I was ready for the pool and whirlpool. Due to privacy of other guests I wasn’t able to take pictures here but I can tell you, that it’s awesome. Next to the pool there’s also a sauna area with several saunas and steam baths. Sauna is too hot for me, so I tried out the steam baths with special aroma therapies.
Yep! That I enjoyed it very much.

After our stay in the Park Hyatt Hamburg I can highly recommend the hotel to everybody who doesn’t just want to sleep in the hotel. The Park Hyatt Hamburg invites you to so much more. Like working, and not just in your room but also in the lobby or in the restaurant. When you need a time-out for a weekend the Park Hyatt Hamburg is also the perfect address, due to the huge spa area. But it’s also the perfect spot to explore the city.
All in all the
Park Hyatt Hamburg is a perfect spot to stay.
Thanks to everybody who made this trip possible.

In cooperation with Park Hyatt Hamburg

Paying has never been so easy - Garmin fēnix 5S Plus

I think I'm not the only person who never has cash in his purse. In Germany paying by card is still a time taking process. Waiting...insert the card...waiting...type in the pin...waiting...take the bill. Even a long time ago I was searching for an alternative. Randomly I came across an article about Garmin Pay, where you can pay with your watch more easily than with your credit card. This catched my attention and I had to try out this new way to pay in almost every situation in life. 

DSC06038GC Kopie.jpg

The Garmin fēnix 5S Plus is a smart watch with wich you can do all the other things as with a normal smart watch by Garmin. With a battery performance of 12 days in smartwatch mode and 19 hours in GPS mode you never run out of power during your activities. You are able to track all your sport activities, measure your heart rate during the day, play songs from your phone, get push notifications from your phone, navigation at any time with GPS, GLONASS and Galileo, just to name a few features of the fēnix 5S Plus. The watch also has the Garmin Pay function which allows you to pay with your watch in stores. 

The handling is quite easy. Via the VimPay app you could create a digital master card which is connected to your Garmin watch. On this digital credit card you are charging money from your bank account. It's a debit system so you never get into minus. At the shop you just hold your watch beside the card reading device. That's it. The easiest way to pay - No cash, no purse, no waiting anymore. Thanks to a special encoding, named "Token", which replaces the credit card number on smartphones, your payment is always safe.   
With the Garmin app you always have the overview about your finances and your budget on the credit card. 
Garmin Pay is one of the first digital pay systems which could be used in all stores with card reading devices. 

In my case I can't do without the watch anymore. The features I like the most, I can play my music with the watch, I get push notifications of messages from my phone so I don't have to take out my phone all the time when I got messages. And of course the Garmin Pay function. I'ts perfect to pay very fast in stores. I'm curious how I can use the watch during my sport activities, also in winter. 

Celebrate your father with the perfect present - James Bond 007 Cologne

Father's day is coming up. Time to thank your father for all the things you learned from him. Maybe you also thank him for all the mistakes you made when he wasn't that angry you expected, or for the advices he gave to you for not making these mistakes again. A good father, who's always there for you is not self-evident, that's why you could be so thankful to have such a  father by your side. 

In my case my father was the guy who taught me all the things my mum was afraid of teaching me. He taught me the essential things in life every kid should learn in his life. 
Well it's a long time ago but I can remember the days I went swimming with my father. Ok, I was the guy who sat at the edge of the pool or the kid who splashed around in the water, I can't remember why but I didn't like the water. But one day my father made me go into the water and taught me swimming. Since then I love swimming and diving. That's just one example of many my father taught me. 
Since I moved out I'm so glad to have a father like mine. He's always the right person to call when there are any issues at my apartment. He has always the right advice to handle the situation right. And there are many situations I have no idea how to fix things.   

Thats why I want to say thank you to my father. 

In view of this occasion I have the perfect present for you guys out there. The new James Bond 007 Cologne. This scent is really light. It's the perfect fragrance fo the upcoming summer and the perfect present for your father. James Bond 007 Cologne is inspired by James Bond, his self confidence and his style. The cologne is modern-masculine. 
For every dad who likes fresh and masculine fragrances the James Bond 007 Cologne is the perfect scent to give the daily morning routine it's special elegance. 
So try out this summer fragrance by James Bond 007 and surprise your father here.  

Blackberry KEYone

Who don't know the Blackberry from the past. It was like the best and the coolest phone you could have. Everybody was looking at the kid with the Blackberry on the schoolyard. A large display and a keyboard to write messages. It was so much faster to write with a Blackberry than a normal phone with T9. It was definitely the best thing you could have. 

Then gradually smartphones replaced the old phones with their small display and their complicated way to write and the Blackberry was forgotten.
Now you're the coolest guy with the latest smartphone model right?
Well no, not really. Blackberry released the Blackberry KEYone and I was able to try it out. My first impression of the phone was really positive. The phone is light and rests comfortably in the hand. At the beginning the Keyboard is just a bit confusing but after some tries and some messages later you'll get the hang of it. 


The Blackberry comes with the Android system which was for me as an IOS user also confusing at the beginning. But it's actually easy to handle. 
The best thing for me at the Blackberry KEYone is the fact that the battery is much stronger than the battery of other phones like my iPhone. After more than 24h of using the phone in NYC the battery was still over 40%. 
Unlike with the iPhone you could extend your memory capacity with an SD slot. 
Also the camera of the Blackberry KEYone is able to shoot really nice images. In my opinion the camera is more intuitive than the one at the iPhone. All features of the camera are shown on the display permanently, so you're able to change the lighting and the section for example really easy. 
The only thing I could complain about is the color of the pictures. It's just my opinion but the colors seem to be to extrem, to factitious. 



All in all I'm really happy with my Blackberry. It had become to my business phone now. Blackberry is definitely not only the brand with the phone with a keyboard anymore. They improved to many things and is nowhere subordinate to other phones. 

Garmin Virb 360°

I had the pleasure to test the 360° cam by Garmin, named Virb360°. First I want to say, that this video should have get uploaded already in the mid of december. But I wasn't lucky. Everytime I wanted to go skiing the weather was really bad. Snow all day long, that kind of weather is not the best to test an action cam, just because I wanted to show you the best result.
In the first week of January I was finally lucky and could test the camera with best mountain weather. It's always really nice to be back in the mountains when it's sunny. 


The Garmin Virb360° is not complicated to operate. With your phone you are able to control the whole camera, set the settings, adjust the right angle. You can choose between 180° camera, 360° camera or taking pictures. In my case I wanted to try the 360° angle. The camera is able to record 4k videos for best entertainment. Due to a switch at the side of the Virb360° you can turn on and witch off record mode with your gloves. It's not even necessary to take of your gloves to turn on the camera and set the settings on the camera thanks to the large buttons on the camera. 

The biggest problem I had was editing the videos. The Garmin camera comes with it's own editing program. It's easy to understand at the first sight but has it's problems when you start editing. For easy videos no problem but to edit a video with cuts and slomotions which should fit the music is really complicated and trying on my opinion. 

Right here you'll find my results of the day with the Garmin Virb360°
Enjoy the 360° experience. My advice, watch the first video with your smartphone. There you can enjoy the 360° at it's best. 

For mobile version open HERE


Blogging means to work at any place in the world. It means to work at any time you are able to work. Sometimes it's hard, but sometimes you could live the life you are always wanted to live. 
For me a small café in a big city is the best place to work. Just because you get inspired by so many people while you are texting on your new blog entry. But being a blogger also means, to look good in every situation. For this you don't just need the perfect outfit, you also need the right working essentials. 

Dbramante1928 is a company I really love to work with. The danish company attaches importance not just on the look of their stock. All of their products are handmade in their on factory. Dbramante1928 is just using finest materials and full-grain leather for their products. The spectrum of the products ranges from backpacks over phone cases to weekenders. 
A really important aspect why I wanted to get some products was, the company is aware of its responsibility towards the workers and the environment. Dbramante1928 is helping the local districts where they're producing. 

The company Dbramante1928 produces affordable luxury products for your daily working business. The elements of art are founded in the detail. Means it's not all about your outfit, it is the details that make the difference. 
If there are issues with your product they try to fix the problems and communicate your feedback straight to the factory to improve the production.
In my case it was the Iphone case which was worked a bit inaccurately at the edges. But they solved my problem really fast in a kind way. 
So thank you Dbramante1928 for your very stylish products.   
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