"The JBL PULSE 3 lifts music to a new level". 

My personal story with the new Pulse 3 begins in Paris. I was one of the lucky ones who had the chance to get invited by Harman, the headbrand of JBL, to the launch event of the new Pulse 3 in Paris. The event was a blast. In every corner of the location have been standing the Pulse 3 speakers, just connected to one device. As you can see in the second picture on the right side as well in a aquarium. Since then I can't imagine how I heard music before the Pulse 3.

The Pulse 3 is an all-round talent which lifts music to the next level. While testing the Pulse 3 I recognized that the speaker is as good as a regular sound system. You have an enormous bass and a 360° sound range. The volume is great. You can fill your whole apartment with your favorite songs just with one speaker. If thats not enough and you want to hear music outside too you can connect any other JBL speakers together with the "JBL Connect App" to have the best sound everywhere you want. Also perfect for every Party is the light system of the Pulse 3. The LED-lightshow is perfect for every Party and replaces every other light system. Due to the "Connect App" you are able to change the lights individually to create your own atmosphere at your party. 

When I tried out the speaker under water for the first time I was afraid what happens. Well now I'm able to say, nothing happens. The music is still playing as well as the light show. This is my absolutely favorite feature of the Pulse 3. It's water- and dustproof. No more thoughts about protecting your speaker at the beach or in the shower. Even calling people during the shower is possible. The Pulse 3 is equipped with Siri, Google Now and microphones with noise-cancelling for call phones in perfect quality. 

To sum all the features and highlight of the JBL Pulse 3 up you can say the speaker is a perfect alternative to every conventional sound system. It's smaller and lighter, you have perfect sound and bass quality as well as a LED-light show. The speaker is connected via bluetooth to your device what makes it possible to hear music everywhere in every situation. All this up to 12 hours. 
The JBL Pulse 3 is available in Europe since August 2017 and costs around 249€.