Blackberry KEYone

Who don't know the Blackberry from the past. It was like the best and the coolest phone you could have. Everybody was looking at the kid with the Blackberry on the schoolyard. A large display and a keyboard to write messages. It was so much faster to write with a Blackberry than a normal phone with T9. It was definitely the best thing you could have. 

Then gradually smartphones replaced the old phones with their small display and their complicated way to write and the Blackberry was forgotten.
Now you're the coolest guy with the latest smartphone model right?
Well no, not really. Blackberry released the Blackberry KEYone and I was able to try it out. My first impression of the phone was really positive. The phone is light and rests comfortably in the hand. At the beginning the Keyboard is just a bit confusing but after some tries and some messages later you'll get the hang of it. 


The Blackberry comes with the Android system which was for me as an IOS user also confusing at the beginning. But it's actually easy to handle. 
The best thing for me at the Blackberry KEYone is the fact that the battery is much stronger than the battery of other phones like my iPhone. After more than 24h of using the phone in NYC the battery was still over 40%. 
Unlike with the iPhone you could extend your memory capacity with an SD slot. 
Also the camera of the Blackberry KEYone is able to shoot really nice images. In my opinion the camera is more intuitive than the one at the iPhone. All features of the camera are shown on the display permanently, so you're able to change the lighting and the section for example really easy. 
The only thing I could complain about is the color of the pictures. It's just my opinion but the colors seem to be to extrem, to factitious. 



All in all I'm really happy with my Blackberry. It had become to my business phone now. Blackberry is definitely not only the brand with the phone with a keyboard anymore. They improved to many things and is nowhere subordinate to other phones.