Paying has never been so easy - Garmin fēnix 5S Plus

I think I'm not the only person who never has cash in his purse. In Germany paying by card is still a time taking process. Waiting...insert the card...waiting...type in the pin...waiting...take the bill. Even a long time ago I was searching for an alternative. Randomly I came across an article about Garmin Pay, where you can pay with your watch more easily than with your credit card. This catched my attention and I had to try out this new way to pay in almost every situation in life. 

DSC06038GC Kopie.jpg

The Garmin fēnix 5S Plus is a smart watch with wich you can do all the other things as with a normal smart watch by Garmin. With a battery performance of 12 days in smartwatch mode and 19 hours in GPS mode you never run out of power during your activities. You are able to track all your sport activities, measure your heart rate during the day, play songs from your phone, get push notifications from your phone, navigation at any time with GPS, GLONASS and Galileo, just to name a few features of the fēnix 5S Plus. The watch also has the Garmin Pay function which allows you to pay with your watch in stores. 

The handling is quite easy. Via the VimPay app you could create a digital master card which is connected to your Garmin watch. On this digital credit card you are charging money from your bank account. It's a debit system so you never get into minus. At the shop you just hold your watch beside the card reading device. That's it. The easiest way to pay - No cash, no purse, no waiting anymore. Thanks to a special encoding, named "Token", which replaces the credit card number on smartphones, your payment is always safe.   
With the Garmin app you always have the overview about your finances and your budget on the credit card. 
Garmin Pay is one of the first digital pay systems which could be used in all stores with card reading devices. 

In my case I can't do without the watch anymore. The features I like the most, I can play my music with the watch, I get push notifications of messages from my phone so I don't have to take out my phone all the time when I got messages. And of course the Garmin Pay function. I'ts perfect to pay very fast in stores. I'm curious how I can use the watch during my sport activities, also in winter.