Garmin Virb 360°

I had the pleasure to test the 360° cam by Garmin, named Virb360°. First I want to say, that this video should have get uploaded already in the mid of december. But I wasn't lucky. Everytime I wanted to go skiing the weather was really bad. Snow all day long, that kind of weather is not the best to test an action cam, just because I wanted to show you the best result.
In the first week of January I was finally lucky and could test the camera with best mountain weather. It's always really nice to be back in the mountains when it's sunny. 


The Garmin Virb360° is not complicated to operate. With your phone you are able to control the whole camera, set the settings, adjust the right angle. You can choose between 180° camera, 360° camera or taking pictures. In my case I wanted to try the 360° angle. The camera is able to record 4k videos for best entertainment. Due to a switch at the side of the Virb360° you can turn on and witch off record mode with your gloves. It's not even necessary to take of your gloves to turn on the camera and set the settings on the camera thanks to the large buttons on the camera. 

The biggest problem I had was editing the videos. The Garmin camera comes with it's own editing program. It's easy to understand at the first sight but has it's problems when you start editing. For easy videos no problem but to edit a video with cuts and slomotions which should fit the music is really complicated and trying on my opinion. 

Right here you'll find my results of the day with the Garmin Virb360°
Enjoy the 360° experience. My advice, watch the first video with your smartphone. There you can enjoy the 360° at it's best. 

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