Blogging means to work at any place in the world. It means to work at any time you are able to work. Sometimes it's hard, but sometimes you could live the life you are always wanted to live. 
For me a small café in a big city is the best place to work. Just because you get inspired by so many people while you are texting on your new blog entry. But being a blogger also means, to look good in every situation. For this you don't just need the perfect outfit, you also need the right working essentials. 

Dbramante1928 is a company I really love to work with. The danish company attaches importance not just on the look of their stock. All of their products are handmade in their on factory. Dbramante1928 is just using finest materials and full-grain leather for their products. The spectrum of the products ranges from backpacks over phone cases to weekenders. 
A really important aspect why I wanted to get some products was, the company is aware of its responsibility towards the workers and the environment. Dbramante1928 is helping the local districts where they're producing. 

The company Dbramante1928 produces affordable luxury products for your daily working business. The elements of art are founded in the detail. Means it's not all about your outfit, it is the details that make the difference. 
If there are issues with your product they try to fix the problems and communicate your feedback straight to the factory to improve the production.
In my case it was the Iphone case which was worked a bit inaccurately at the edges. But they solved my problem really fast in a kind way. 
So thank you Dbramante1928 for your very stylish products.   
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