Frederique Constant

I had the pleasure to get one of the best fabricated watches worldwide. Frederique Constant is a watch brand based in Genf, Switzerland. The company is manufacturing their watches form the first to the last step, everything in Switzerland. Since 2015 Frederique Constant is not just draw up normal high quality watches. They designed a new type of watch. The Horological Smartwatch, like the one I got. 


It looks like a normal analogous watch but has several features like a smartwatch has. You just have to download the app which is available for IOS and Android. With the app you are able to configurate your watch. You have several modes. You can check how many steps you made or when its perfect to move again. Theres also a sleep mode in which you are able to let the watch wake you up at the perfect time in your sleep rhythm. The watch is also recording your sleep behavior. 

An other feature of the watch is the call and message feature. The watch is vibrating when someone is calling or messaging you. So you'll never miss an important call. 
Every feature is controlled with the app. 
With Horological Smartwatches by Frederique Constant you have the opportunity to wear a high level watch without loosing the classy look but with so many useful and great features like a normal digital smartwatch has.