Celebrate your father with the perfect present - James Bond 007 Cologne

Father's day is coming up. Time to thank your father for all the things you learned from him. Maybe you also thank him for all the mistakes you made when he wasn't that angry you expected, or for the advices he gave to you for not making these mistakes again. A good father, who's always there for you is not self-evident, that's why you could be so thankful to have such a  father by your side. 

In my case my father was the guy who taught me all the things my mum was afraid of teaching me. He taught me the essential things in life every kid should learn in his life. 
Well it's a long time ago but I can remember the days I went swimming with my father. Ok, I was the guy who sat at the edge of the pool or the kid who splashed around in the water, I can't remember why but I didn't like the water. But one day my father made me go into the water and taught me swimming. Since then I love swimming and diving. That's just one example of many my father taught me. 
Since I moved out I'm so glad to have a father like mine. He's always the right person to call when there are any issues at my apartment. He has always the right advice to handle the situation right. And there are many situations I have no idea how to fix things.   

Thats why I want to say thank you to my father. 

In view of this occasion I have the perfect present for you guys out there. The new James Bond 007 Cologne. This scent is really light. It's the perfect fragrance fo the upcoming summer and the perfect present for your father. James Bond 007 Cologne is inspired by James Bond, his self confidence and his style. The cologne is modern-masculine. 
For every dad who likes fresh and masculine fragrances the James Bond 007 Cologne is the perfect scent to give the daily morning routine it's special elegance. 
So try out this summer fragrance by James Bond 007 and surprise your father here.  


Blogging means to work at any place in the world. It means to work at any time you are able to work. Sometimes it's hard, but sometimes you could live the life you are always wanted to live. 
For me a small café in a big city is the best place to work. Just because you get inspired by so many people while you are texting on your new blog entry. But being a blogger also means, to look good in every situation. For this you don't just need the perfect outfit, you also need the right working essentials. 

Dbramante1928 is a company I really love to work with. The danish company attaches importance not just on the look of their stock. All of their products are handmade in their on factory. Dbramante1928 is just using finest materials and full-grain leather for their products. The spectrum of the products ranges from backpacks over phone cases to weekenders. 
A really important aspect why I wanted to get some products was, the company is aware of its responsibility towards the workers and the environment. Dbramante1928 is helping the local districts where they're producing. 

The company Dbramante1928 produces affordable luxury products for your daily working business. The elements of art are founded in the detail. Means it's not all about your outfit, it is the details that make the difference. 
If there are issues with your product they try to fix the problems and communicate your feedback straight to the factory to improve the production.
In my case it was the Iphone case which was worked a bit inaccurately at the edges. But they solved my problem really fast in a kind way. 
So thank you Dbramante1928 for your very stylish products.   
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Frederique Constant

I had the pleasure to get one of the best fabricated watches worldwide. Frederique Constant is a watch brand based in Genf, Switzerland. The company is manufacturing their watches form the first to the last step, everything in Switzerland. Since 2015 Frederique Constant is not just draw up normal high quality watches. They designed a new type of watch. The Horological Smartwatch, like the one I got. 


It looks like a normal analogous watch but has several features like a smartwatch has. You just have to download the app which is available for IOS and Android. With the app you are able to configurate your watch. You have several modes. You can check how many steps you made or when its perfect to move again. Theres also a sleep mode in which you are able to let the watch wake you up at the perfect time in your sleep rhythm. The watch is also recording your sleep behavior. 

An other feature of the watch is the call and message feature. The watch is vibrating when someone is calling or messaging you. So you'll never miss an important call. 
Every feature is controlled with the app. 
With Horological Smartwatches by Frederique Constant you have the opportunity to wear a high level watch without loosing the classy look but with so many useful and great features like a normal digital smartwatch has.